Our Mission

Loma empowers adults with disabilities through learning, entrepreneurship, volunteering, and relationship building. We provide services to adults living in Miami, Montgomery, and Clark counties. Our mission is to offer options for adults with disabilities as they participate in local small business, engage in learning new skills, and contribute as volunteers in the community. Meaningful activities and recreation offer opportunities to develop mind, body, and soul.

Our Services

Loma supports small businesses run by adults with disabilities. Each service is a micro-enterprise teaching vocational skills.

Loma is open daily for customers to bring in or request a service from the small businesses run and operated by adults with disabilities. We will discuss your project with you and give you a quote with an expected finish date. Please call or email with any other questions, or stop by the 4th Street location.


Use the form below to send us an email with any inquiries, or contact us directly by telephone during our business hours.

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Hours: M-F 9am-3pm
Phone: 937-506-8565
Email: info@lomaworks.com
Location: 259 N. 4th St, Tipp City, OH 45371